The Poconos really is a place where you can enjoy life and set your worries free. Imagine opening your eyes and waking up listening to... well... nothing. No cars, no horns, no shouting, no garbage truck, nothing. Just rustling leaves and bird song. And then you open the curtains to a glorious view of mountains, rolling green hills, and gently flowing streams.


Have you made the decision to move to the Poconos from an urban area like New York, New Jersey, or Philadelphia? If you have, congratulations! You can look forward to a better and more beautiful life, not to mention lower housing costs.

When it comes to homes in the Poconos, there's so much choice.


Geothermal heating/cooling systems no longer a novelty

From the Pocono Record

EFFORT - Geothermal concepts have been a novelty in home construction for years but only recently have become the buzz word in the industry.

Falcon Crest Homes Inc.


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