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Say Goodbye to Oil, Gas and Electric Heat Forever! Heat & Cool Your New Home for Pennies a Day With Safe, Effective Alternative Energy!

As featured in the Pocono Record:

“Research by the company reveals that energy costs to heat and cool a home run on the average about $25 per 1,000 square feet, a 70 percent savings.

Window glass that Modica said is “two times more efficient than low-E glass” better regulate interior home temperatures in conditions of extreme heat or cold. Instead of copper lines for plumbing, polyethyline resin tubing distributes water.

‘We’re meeting the proposed standards for the year 2015 right now,’ ”
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What is a GreenSaver™ Alternative Energy home?

It utilizes a geothermal heat pump to provide heat and air conditioning and a significant portion of domestic hot water. But that’s not the whole story…special windows utilizing the latest heat loss technology provides almost twice the heat loss performance of low-E thermopane windows. Then the house is sealed virtually air-tight and insulated to almost twice what’s required to meet the Pennsylvania building codes.

What is a geothermal heat pump?

Simply put, a geothermal or “ground source” heat pump is an electrically powered device that uses the natural heat storage ability of the earth to heat and cool your home.

How does it work?

At depths of 100 to 300 feet down in the ground the temperature is almost constant at 50 degrees farenheit. To use that stored energy, a piping loop carrying an antifreeze solution is dropped into a drilled well, where the stored energy in the earth is transferred to the antifreeze solution and is pumped to the heat pump heat exchanger. There, the heat is used to heat your home. In Summer the process is reversed and indoor heat is extracted from your home and transferred to the earth through the antifreeze solution.

Don’t I still need a furnace and air conditioner?

NO! The geothermal heat pump will provide all of your heating and air conditioning needs, plus it will assist you in heating your hot water year-round. So, say goodbye to fossil fuels like heating oil, propane, and natural gas forever!!

How much does this system cost to operate?

Our experience indicates that, depending on lifestyle, homeowners should expect heating costs to be up to 70% lower and air conditioning costs to be about 50% lower than with traditionally built homes.** In fact, the United States Department of Energy says that homes built to Falcon Crest’s GreenSaver™specifications should cost only about $25 per month in energy consumption for each 1,000 square feet of living space for heating and cooling.

Does the GreenSaver™ Alternative Energy home offer any other advantages?

Most definitely! Geothermal heat pump systems have fewer maintenance requirements than most other systems. The underground components have a heat pump inside the home that usually lasts for at least 20 years. Another benefit is that Falcon Crest’s ground source heat pumps utilize a two speed fan that is so quiet that users don’t even know it is operating because there are no tell-tale blasts of hot or cold air. Also, relative humidity in the home is maintained at about 50% year-round.

Will my GreenSaver™ Alternative Energy home help save the environment and preserve natural resources?

Absolutely! Everybody is talking about global warming these days and its long-term impact on our environment and civilization as we know it.

The Earth has a limited number of resources, resources that are often carelessly depleted through the excess use of nonrenewable energy. To save our planet for generations to come, it is important that we act now. One way that Falcon Crest Homes can help is by building “green,” energy efficient homes. According to the U.S. EPA, by using geoexchange energy, we can:

  • Reduce U.S. reliance on imported fuels by 21.5 million barrels of crude oil per year
  • Dramatically reduce CO2 and carbon emissions

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**Results may vary depending on habits and lifestyles